SHBP Biometric Screening
Starts 7/26/2023 Ends 7/26/2023
More Information (Directions)

How can I participate? Follow these six steps!

  1. Go to the website and sign up to be a member.
  2. Start earning your points by taking the Real Age Test. It doesn’t take long and you may be younger than you think! (120 points)
  3. Make an appointment for yourself and your spouse for the convenient Biometric Screening at the JCS Steam Center on July 26 during pre-planning week! Sign up at least three weeks before the screening date under the Programs tab under Achieve on the Be Well site. (120 points). 
  4. Enter a monthly challenge to earn 40 points. The April challenge is to track 7,000 steps a day for 21/31 days. 
  5. Earn points by getting a mammogram, pap smear, prostate screening, or colonoscopy.
  6. Earn points by having a coaching call.

Call ShareCare Support at 1-888-616-6411.


How to schedule an appointment for the Biometric Screening Event at JCS on July 26:

To schedule an appointment and fulfill the requirements for Step #3 listed above, visit

  • Click the “Learn How” link on the green “Get Screened Onsite” card.
  • Click the “How to schedule your screening appointment” link located above the “Sign up for your screening appointment” button to download instructions for scheduling an appointment.
  • Follow the instructions to log in and sign up for an appointment in the scheduling tool.

Don’t forget to sign up now or before July 1!

  • The scheduling tool will close 14 calendar days before your event. No appointments can be scheduled after this date.
  • All screenings must have at least 40 registered participants 14 calendar days before each event, otherwise the event may be canceled. 


Sign up now!