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Vision, Mission, Goals

To Graduate Fully Functioning Adults


In keeping with the Mission Statement of the Jefferson City School System, To Graduate Fully Functioning Adults, the Jefferson City Board of Education adopts the following vision:

The opportunities that were once available to the marginally trained are disintegrating. Now, more than ever, education is the foundation for prosperity. Only through an adequate education can one acquire the skills and abilities demanded by an increasingly sophisticated job market. To assure such an educational experience, we resolve to provide a highly qualified professional staff with a challenging, rigorous, and relevant curriculum in a safe and orderly environment.

We hold ourselves accountable for preparing students to function in an environment characterized by global competition, diversity, abruptly changing job demands, and an absolute requirement for technical skills and abilities. Those who teach in the Jefferson City School System must never cease to learn or emphasize to students that learning will be a lifelong process.

As a Board of Education, we face the challenge of balancing the opinions and values of the community with what are perceived to be the demands of the future. Consequently, standards and directions communicated by this Board must be evaluated regularly in order to reaffirm, alter, or modify expectations. In conclusion, it is our belief that given a capable staff, adequate resources, and an orderly and safe environment, all students can and will learn.

Performance Goals

  • To maintain and improve student achievement by providing a challenging instructional program that meets the needs of all students
  • To recruit and retain highly qualified personnel necessary to deliver rigorous and up-to-date instruction
  • To maintain and upgrade facilities to meet the challenging instructional needs of students and staff and accommodate current and anticipated growth
  • To establish an effective electronic communication system for students, staff, parents, board members, and the community
  • To generate and manage resources that support a quality instructional program