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Posted On: Thursday, February 25, 2021


First Robotics

“To infinity and beyond!”  Those words remind us of what it’s like to use our imaginations. Who would have thought that one day we would be landing on Mars? Yet, once again, our friends at NASA have put another amazing robot on the surface just a few days ago. The fact that we are able to land a robot on a planet so far away and do it using autonomous mode is astonishing. That’s what engineers do! They make the impossible possible, and it all begins with a spark of imagination. 


Like all pathways, the Engineering Pathway is made up of three courses. The first course is the Foundations of Engineering course. In this introductory course, students learn about engineers and what they do every day on the job. Students get a broad overview of engineering, what it takes to become an engineer,  and how engineering has brought about changes over time.  The “Engineering Design Process'' is learned through several hands-on activities that incorporate the collection of data and the use of science and mathematical principles. Additionally, students learn about various tools, including appropriate uses.

The second course in the Engineering Pathway, “Engineering Concepts,” emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and teamwork as students are involved in more complex projects. This course focuses on safety organizations and the importance of following safety protocols and procedures in the workplace. Students study how products are designed, engineered, and manufactured while learning the basics of technical writing and engineering graphics.

The third class, “Engineering Applications,” explores career opportunities and how the various elements of STEM are used in engineering. Students use the “Engineering Design Process” for 3-D modeling and other activities. Students continue to develop technical language using oral and written communication skills while working in teams to build prototypes and bring inventions from concept to market. 

Students with interests in areas of engineering beyond the Engineering and Technology Pathway at JHS will be able to participate in a dual enrollment certificate program with Lanier Technical College beginning in August 2021. This certificate program requires students to take four dual enrollment courses, two mathematics and two engineering, and students will earn the Engineering Technology Fundamentals Certificate upon completion of these courses. 

All students interested in engineering are strongly encouraged to join the FIRST Robotics team which provides an in-depth, hands-on learning experience.  The FIRST Robotics Club provides students the opportunity to learn and apply many real-world engineering skills. The club has several teams that work together to design, engineer, program, and build a robot for competitions.

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