Information Technology Program

Information Technology
Posted On: Thursday, February 25, 2021

Information Technology

Computers, the internet, and software are three things that have tremendous influence on our world in recent years. We interact with these technologies daily, and yet to many they remain a mystery. Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is the equivalent of magic.” This quote describes our relationship with technology. We are able to use technology to accomplish amazing things, but very few understand how these amazing things operate.

By studying information technology at Jefferson High School, the overall goal is to demystify these tools. While taking Introduction to Digital Technology, the introductory course at JHS for all Information Technology Pathways, students will learn how computers and networks operate and explore logical problem-solving. Students will learn how to program using a variety of programming languages. They begin their journey with markup languages, like HTML and CSS, then move quickly into scripting languages, like JavaScript.

The second course for all Information Technology Pathways at JHS is Computer Science Principles. This course can be taken as either an AP course or the standard course. In this course, students will learn how computers save and transmit information. There is a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of software development. In this course, students will further explore Java and JavaScript.

The third course in this program defines the pathway students choose.  JHS students may complete a pathway in one or more of the following:  Computer Science; Web Development; Video Game Design; or Programming, Games, Apps, and Society.  The End of Pathway Assessments (EOPAs) in this program provide students with industry-recognized credentials that provide them with a competitive edge for postsecondary options.

Students in this program are encouraged to participate in the JHS First Robotics Team.  This is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience building and programming robots. In addition to learning practical knowledge, students are able to enjoy the company of students with similar interests and learn building skills like measuring, cutting, welding, and electronics.

Information Technology






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