Education and Training Program

Education and Training
Posted On: Thursday, February 18, 2021

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The Jefferson City School System recognizes the importance of continuing the legacy of educational excellence by providing quality experiences designed to promote education and equip our own students who are pursuing the teaching pathway in becoming successful future teachers. Jefferson High School provides the opportunity for students to actively participate in the learning process as they examine the multiple facets of being an effective and engaging educator. Upon completion of the program, students may earn a pathway credential in Teaching as a Profession. Students are work-force ready or may continue with college training. We offer dual enrollment opportunities with Lanier Technical College and Young Harris College based on student interests and goals for the future.

The first course in the pathway offers an overview of the teaching profession.  Students in this class will learn about student diversity, student issues in the classroom, and educational theory and laws.  This is a great course for students who have an interest in working with children.  Hands-on projects, collaborative and independent work environments, and presentations are all included as part of the coursework.

The second course, Contemporary Issues in Education, engages the students in more in-depth study and analysis of the ideas presented in the first course. Students observe, analyze, and reflect on social, political, ethical, and moral contemporary issues in education. In this course, students enjoy shadowing teachers and helping in various classrooms, preparing and teaching short lessons, and being creative.

Teaching as a profession

In the practicum, which is the third course of the pathway, students are paired with a certified mentor teacher in an internship position that closely matches their area of academic interest. The practicum focuses on observing, analyzing, and classifying activities of the mentor teacher, while studying specific traits associated with being a successful teacher. Students develop a portfolio of their skills, plan and teach lessons, maintain the safety of the students, practice professionalism, and demonstrate ethical behavior.  Upon completion of the pathway, students are eligible to take an end-of-course pathway assessment.


Teaching as a Profession







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