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Posted On: Wednesday, February 10, 2021





The Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Department is an integral part of the educational experience for all students at Jefferson High School.   The CTAE courses are linked to increasing graduation rates and improving academic performance through meaningful experiences at the local, state, and national levels. 

In addition, these programs prepare students for careers and post-secondary education and continually provide students with opportunities to gain invaluable work-based learning experiences through apprenticeships, internships, and cooperative education programs.  The Jefferson High School CTAE Department has programs in eight career cluster areas with twenty-six pathway offerings.  The CTAE pathways are a series of three courses that a student can complete in order to be eligible for an End of Pathway Assessment (EOPA), which can provide them with an industry-recognized credential.

The JHS CTAE Department partners with business and industry to ensure students are equipped with the advanced communication, time management, and leadership skills required for lifelong career success.  The pathway courses and partnerships have made the CTAE Department a rigorous, progressive, and vital part of the total educational process at Jefferson City Schools.  The staff and school are committed to providing students with rewarding opportunities to learn valuable career and life skills.  

There are several organizations within the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Department that allow the instructors to enrich the curriculum of the standards for the courses in the pathways.  These Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are considered to be co-curricular and not extracurricular.  The CTSOs give students leadership opportunities in their career fields and in their communities.  The student organizations also follow a structure that promotes hands-on, project-based learning of the program curriculum, which allows students to see the real world application of their academic studies. The essential components of the organizations include work experience programs, structured learning experiences, and entrepreneurship projects that enhance the standards taught in the classroom and prepare students to be college and career ready.

During the month of February, we look forward to highlighting our CTAE programs.


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