Message from JHS College and Academic Plan Coordinator

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Posted On: Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Message from Mrs. Holly McShanegraduation cap

JHS College and Academic Plan Coordinator


Finding a solid career fit involves so much more than following a “passion” and hoping that plan results in an exciting, high paying job. A career fit requires a great deal of research into one’s personality, assets and undeveloped skills, sense of purpose, and personal ideas about lifestyle expectations. Other considerations include the type of training one is willing to invest in to become workforce ready as well as using data to understand what will be sustainable in the long run and knowing where the future salary and promotion growth lies.

Navigating the career preparation process can be overwhelming for students and families. As the JCS Career and Academic Planning Coordinator, my mission is to help establish resources and awareness that assists students in understanding themselves, help build a knowledge base of the career preparation process and discover which career training option best suits their goals.

Traditional methods of post high school career training include college, technical college, military, apprenticeship/trade school, or going straight into the workforce. With the thousands of various careers available, how do we assist students in becoming knowledgeable about their options and support them through the preparation process?  The following are a few strategies that my role addresses:

  • Building and aligning career curriculum for grades 6-12, exposing students to career preparation vocabulary and providing academic planning for careers;

  • Advising students for career and college opportunities;

  • Building on the YouScience assessment results to help students understand their aptitudes, skills, and interests and the careers that are well suited to their results;

  • Supporting high school placements such as dual enrollment, work-based learning, and career pathway completion which provide students with career training at no cost to the student;

  • Collaborating with local industry partners on career opportunities to develop student awareness of the sustainable local labor market;

  • Presenting to grade groups and classes on topics such as selecting electives, HOPE eligibility, career pathway programs, college admissions, testing and scholarships;

  • Keeping students aware of current events and trends through various forms of media;

  • Coordinating events such as the College PROBE Fair, Financial Aid events, career and industry speakers, college representative visits, and other exposure to career training opportunities; and

  • Maintaining a website ( that provides students with current and relevant high school and career planning tools.   

The most important aspect of my role is to collaborate with our school and community partners to ensure students graduate high school well-equipped to be successful in the next phase of their career journey, and I am thrilled to be able to serve the Dragon Family in this capacity.
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