JCS BOE Members Leading the Way: Mr. Ronald Hopkins, Sr.

Ronnie Hopkins
Posted On: Monday, March 15, 2021

Ronnie Hopkins

The capacity to translate a clear vision into reality is one quality of a great leader.  Driven by what Jefferson City Schools can become and working tirelessly to accomplish this vision is Mr. Ronald K. Hopkins, Sr., Chairman of the Jefferson City School System Board of Education. Appointed to the Board in 1979 and selected as chairman in 1992, Mr. Hopkins is a firm believer in a quality education.  “A quality education,” he says, “is a great equalizer for students in the worldwide community.” Mr. Hopkins’ motivation for wanting to become a board member was his drive to continue the excellence our school system has exhibited over the years.  What pushes him to continue to serve as a board member is his commitment to making a positive difference, serving his community and school district, and most importantly, serving all students.

During his service as a board member, Mr. Hopkins believes that technology and growth, along with the high expectations and demands placed on teachers and students, have been among the most significant changes in education. “Concerning the future of education,” he states, “funding and growth will be our greatest challenge locally. Nationally, equity in education is a huge challenge.”

Mr. Hopkins received a Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia. He is an active member and officer in the Georgia School Boards Association and the National School Boards Association.  Mr. Hopkins is highly respected across the state of Georgia for his dedication to public education, commitment to excellence, and his exceptional visionary leadership.

Mr. Hopkins and his wife, Judy, have three children, Kristy Eubanks, Dr. Holly Aldridge, and Ronald K. Hopkins, Jr., and eight grandchildren.  They enjoy traveling nationally and internationally and have volunteered on several mission trips.

Mr. Hopkins enjoys serving Jefferson City Schools and his community. “I believe,” says Mr. Hopkins, “that we all owe a certain amount of civic rent for the space we take up in this world. My service as a school board member is a down payment on my civic rent.”

Thank you, Mr. Hopkins, for your service as a board member and your dedication and commitment to ensuring that the students at Jefferson City Schools attain high levels of success and self-worth.


















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