JCS BOE Members Leading the Way: Mr. Willie Hughey

Willie Hughey
Posted On: Monday, March 22, 2021

Willie Hughey


Mr. Willie Hughey has served as a member of the Jefferson City Board of Education for thirty years. He brings a great deal of experience and expertise, which helps to inform decisions made by the Board. He understands that those decisions have a tremendous impact on the school system and community. Mr. Hughey’s value for public education is his motivation for serving as a board member. He believes that one of the most rewarding aspects of school board service is supporting student academic growth and improvement. 

Mr. Hughey always does what he feels is right for the people in his district and the entire Jefferson community, which is consistent with his motto, “Always do the right thing, not the most popular thing.”

 The biggest changes during his tenure, according to Mr. Hughey, have been state and local funding, testing, increased student population, and building needs. He believes these will continue to be challenges in the future.

Mr. Hughey and his wife, Annie, raised three beautiful children, Audrey, Alfredo, and Erica. Audrey, his oldest daughter, passed in 2016. All of his children are graduates of Jefferson High School.  They also have four grandchildren, Eric, Matthew, Tiffany, and Austin. Mr. Hughey enjoys spending time with his family and restoring antique automobiles. 

Thank you, Mr. Hughey, for your service as a board member, for your commitment to excellence in student achievement and the implementation of policies that ensure the success of all students in Jefferson City Schools.




















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