About the Foundation


Citizens of the city of Jefferson, through the leadership of its Board of Education, have long provided a quality public school education for their children. Much pride results from have a system recognized by educators over the state as one the very best.

The foundation is a non-profit entity created to supplement the school board’s policies and expand the opportunities presented to students and faculty. The charter members of the foundation wanted to be able to provide financial assistance for physical improvements; for further training and educational opportunities for our teachers, staff, and students.

Martin Institute, the world’s first publicly endowed secondary school, became Jefferson High School in 1946. Jefferson City Schools were expounded by generous gifts from its citizens and graduates, such as Mr. J.C. turner and high daughter Mrs. Frances Melvin, who donated the land for the creation of Jefferson High School.

The Jefferson School system Foundation was chartered in 1983 as a partial response to the advancing ages of many of Jefferson’s most ardent supporters and benefactors. The Foundation was established so this legacy of the Jefferson City Schools would carry on, and the pride of the Jefferson citizenry would be ensured for generations to come.

The endeavors were often led by Morris M. Bryan, Jr., long-time board of education chairman, and his brother Thomas M. Bryan II, Foundation board member. At the passing of Morris Bryan in late 1984, many gifts were bequeathed to the Foundation, thus creating the corpus of the fund whereby its activities are possible.

In addition to these gifts, based on a request from Jack S. Davidson, Trustee, Mr. Joe Baxter, long-time resident and successful Jefferson businessman, specified a substantial bequest to the Foundation. Without this gift, activities, of the Jefferson School System Foundation would have been much more limited in scope.

The aim was for the hallmark of the Jefferson City School system to be the highest quality of education. Examination of the careers and accomplishments of many of the system’s graduates is proof of a quality primary and secondary education program. Our teachers excel in the classroom, our students achieve success upon graduation and our schools are recognized with local regional and state honors.

Over the years the Foundation has provided funding for diverse projects. Below are some examples:

  • Computer equipment

  • Resurfacing athletic track

  • Purchasing air conditioning for JES and JHS

  • Acquiring equipment for the science center

  • Aiding children in need to afford appropriate school clothing

  • Supplementing the food program for undernourished students

  • Created and funded the Total Person Program


Each year, the Foundation provides grants to all four of the Jefferson City Schools. Below is the current amount of grants given from 2001 to now (2020). This would not be possible without our generous donors. You can donate today!

JES = $17,637.39

Academy = $16,214.12

JMS = $23,216.72

JHS = $26,843.47