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6th Grade Science








Evaluating Scientific Credibility


Note: If links aren't working, use this website  


Global Warming Discussion Guide


Persuasive Writing

We will need access to each website listed.


Comic Strip Link


Printing Press Link


Carbon Cycle Diagram


7th Grade Life Science  This site is the Smithsonian's traveling ocean exhibit, Ocean Planet. Ocean Science link can be used to explore the deep sea.
Climatogram lab
Information on biomes.
Information about weather and related links.  (introduction to ecosystems; activity includes stations to help students determine characteristics of an ecosystem; ask ERIC lesson plan)  (introduction to ecosystem management; includes list of activities for exploration of concepts; published by Bureau of Land Management)  (habitat-diversity study of plant biodiversity; activities include examining ecological plots; published on website)  (pathfinder to resources for creating a schoolyard habitat)
Easy format for making rubrics
Biomes of the world
Fitting Algae Into the Food Web
Fun with food webs
Activities on food webs
Build your own food web
All about food chains and food webs
Beast Feast!  Explore the diversity of the animal diet  General resource all about cells  “Cells Are Us”  Microscope Imaging Station  Introduction to the cell structure  Virtual Microscope  3-D animal cell craft “The Gene Scene”  Leaf structure and anatomy  Structure and Function of Cells  misconceptions

DNA Interactive (Scholastic)

DNA Replication (Detailed):

DNA Replication (In Motion)

DNA Replication (-ases)
World Genetics Project
Web Labs on Genetics
Site contains various articles related to genetics and heredity.
Cell Division
A simulation of hybrid vigor
Genetics interactive site
Interactive site with genetic/heredity games Genetics project from University of Washington—Tooth Pick Activity

Powerpoint Adaptations (Jennifer McAuley)

Understanding Evolution for Teachers
Evolution of Flight in Birds
Teaching Evolution/ National Center for Science Education
PBS on Evolution
A Fish with Fingers,8599,1180415,00.htm
Horses -
Elephant -
Whales -
Plants -
Bulldog -
Giraffe -
Sedimentary Rocks and Fossils Websites
Other cited references:

Additional Resources:

8th Grade Science

THE PLANETS (Encyclopedia Britannica Online) (NASA's site)

Energy Links

  • reading material with links – need to click on “Energy Change Game” to download the game ….. it will download to desk top.

  • click on “Work, Energy, Power” to use ‘Skate Park’

  • click on “Electricity, Magnets, Circuits” to use ‘Balloon and Static Electricity’, ‘Circuit Construction Kits (DC only)’, ‘Charges and Fields’, ‘Ohm’s Law’, ‘Battery Voltage’, and ‘Battery and Resistor Circuit’.

Careers in Science