Scotland Exchange Program

Each year 20 students from Jefferson High School were selected in the spring to take part in the exchange. Students from both 10th and 11th grade are able to apply and get selected. The 20 students are then paired up with a Scottish partner and in the summer the Georgians go to live with their partner for two weeks, visiting historical sites, cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, and getting to know the Scottish culture. The Scottish students have now come to Jefferson to visit for the second half of the exchange. The group is taking part in activities such as visiting Atlanta, Six Flags, and even going to Disneyworld in Florida. The exchange is a great opportunity for students to not only become close to their partner but also everyone else participating in the exchange. Students are able to see different families, how they live, and the similarities and differences of both cultures. From personal experience I can say that being a part of the exchange has been the best experience the high school has to offer eye opening and I would recommend that all 10th and 11th graders should apply for the trip. The picture attached is of me with my Scottish partner, Katie Frew, in Scotland, and also the entire group at JHS and Six Flags

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