Principal's Leadership Council Results

JHS Leadership Council Voting Results

By Toby Chapeau, Lucas Carreno, Matthew Nilsen, and Ryder Pagel

On September 20th, Jefferson High School held elections for the Principalís Leadership Council positions of the 2016-2017 school year. Five students from each grade have been selected. The council is looking forward to a great school year with several excited new members.


  • Levi Bell
  • Christian Hobgood
  • Kiley Love
  • Cheyanne Pendley
  • Madison Tyner


  • Luke Bell
  • Laura Leigh Feeman
  • Bobby Kerr
  • Katie Ronci
  • TJ Rosenberger


  • Lucas Carreno
  • Michael Chaparro
  • CJ Guzman
  • Slate Nations
  • Liz Quilliams


  • Aaron Garner
  • Will Kellum
  • Jessica Lowry
  • Isabella Perez
  • Caleb Tyler

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