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Jefferson Middle School News

Charlotte's Web to be Performed by the Advanced Drama Class

The advanced drama class is proud to present the show Charlotte's Web.

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Jefferson Spring Plant Agriculture Sale

Come and buy some spring flowers, vegetables, & herbs

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Robotics Team 4189 Week 1 Competition

The Robotics Team 4189 place 23rd out of 38 teams.

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BioSTEAM Spring Family Day

Come join us on Saturday, April 13 for the BioSTEAM Spring Family Day from noon to 4:00pm.

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Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

Give the gift of reading by donating used books for any age! Sponsored by the Jefferson High School Future Business Leaders of America.

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The Advanced Drama class will open 'The Phantom Tollbooth' Thursday Night

Come out and support Drama on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 15-17th at 7pm and 2pm on Saturday at the PAC.

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Jefferson City Schools ranks highest district CCRPI single score

Jefferson City Schools has the highest district CCRPI single score in Northeast Georgia and 2nd highest in the State according to the @georgiadeptofed (out of 180 districts)!

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Lindsay Allen- Jefferson Middle School Teacher of the Year

Lindsay Allen is starting her third year of teaching at Jefferson Middle school, and so far she is an all around favorite.

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FFA Water Wars

The first FFA meeting of the school year was on Monday, August 21 and soaked everyone involved!

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2018 Robotics Season Re-cap

A small re-cap of the Jackson County 4-H Robotics team’s 2018 season.

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There's a Surge for STEM as Robotics Season Kicks-off

The Jackson County 4-H Robotics Team 2019 season is just around the corner. The kick-off meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 12th.

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Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest

Middle school students are invited to participate in the 2017-2018 Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest.

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Jefferson Middle School Wins GASSP Breakout School Award

JMS wins GASSP Breakout Award. The Breakout Schools Award is Sponsored by Georgia State University Principal Center and is designed to identify, recognize, and showcase Georgia middle schools that are high achieving or dramatically improving student achievement.

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JMS Outdoor Classroom Poinsettia Fundraiser

Poinsettias will be sold until November 17th and will be delivered on November 28th.  Click Here to order

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Jefferson FBLA Gives Back

The Jefferson High School chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America recently teamed up with the Jefferson Middle School FBLA chapter to clean up Washington Street.  The students made their way from the schools to Swirlee's Frozen Yogurt and picked up trash along the way. 

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JHS, JMS, JES Receive 5-star Climate Rating

JHS, JMS and JES received a 5-star climate rating by the Georgia Department of Education. This is the highest rating on their measure.

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JMS Calendar

Jefferson City Schools Pupil Transportation Department

85 Horace Jackson Road / Jefferson, Georgia 30549
Office Phone: 706-367-1787 / Fax: 706-367-1815
email: bustransportation@jeffcityschools.org
Instructional Services
Linda G. Miller

Transportation Secretary
pictured left

Mark Weaver

Transportation Director, Supervisor
pictured center

Walter E. Temple

Transportation Shop
pictured right

2018-2019 Bus Routes
School Bus Safety Tips:
  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to pick-up time.
  • Stay out of the School Bus “Danger Zone” 12 feet around the bus.
  • Don’t push and shove.
  • Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the street or approaching the bus.
  • The Bus “HORN” means “DANGER!!” Seek safety.
  • Always cross the street in front of the bus. NEVER cross the street behind the bus.
  • Never crawl under a school bus. If you drop something, LEAVE IT! Things can be replaced a LIFE cannot.
  • The bus driver and monitor are authorized to take the following actions regarding inappropriate bus behavior:
    1. Talk to student about proper bus behavior.
    2. Assign seats when necessary.
    3. Report conduct problems via Student Conduct Report.
    4. Ask Parent to step away from the door.
      It is unlawful for a parent to get on a school bus. Ga Code 20-2-1181 Disrupting School /Ga Code 20-2-1182 Abuse of School Employees

Welcome to Jefferson City Schools District Pupil Transportation web page! Our mission: “To transport students to school safely ready to learn and home on schedule.”

Our Goal: “Keep 100% of the students safe 100% of the time!”

We need the cooperation of both parents and students to fulfill our mission and goals. The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Listed below are some of the conduct requirements expected of every student. Please read them carefully and discuss each of them with your student.

  1. No eating or drinking soft drinks on the school bus. Water okay.
  2. No loud noises, talking, laughing or “horse-play” that will distract the driver.
  3. Do not move from your seat while bus is in motion.
  4. No use of tobacco products, alcohol or drugs.
  5. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.
  6. Do not deface interior of the bus or bus seats.
  7. Sit facing the front of the bus; and keep feet out of the aisle.
  8. Objects other than those related to school are not allowed on the bus.
  9. Do not throw anything out of the bus windows.
  10. Music listening devices are okay as long as the student with the device has ear plugs and is the ONLY person that can hear the music. However, when loading the bus do not wear ear plugs because the student may become distracted and not follow driver instructions.

85 Horace Jackson Road
Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone 706-367-1787

Fax 706-367-1815


This section will describe policies and procedures relating to parking, student drop-off, student pick-up and bus travel.

Students are not allowed to park in the faculty parking lot or area during school hours.

Parking on campus is a privilege. Therefore, certain rules and regulations are expected of the student to maintain this privilege. At Jefferson High School, a student must be in good academic, attendance, and disciplinary standing to purchase and keep a parking permit. At any time a student begins to exhibit inappropriate grades, attendance, and / or behavior, they will forfeit their parking privilege for a specified period of time up to the remainder of the school year. In order to apply and purchase a parking permit, a student can have no major disciplinary referrals (Level 3 or 4) and must be clear of all fees, fines, and obligations.

Parking must be in marked spaces only. Parking hang tags must be displayed in vehicle at all times. Parking hang tags can be purchased for $40 ($20 if purchased after spring break) and are valid through the current school year.

Parking Application

Do not park in driveways, entrances, exits, or on the grass. Parking outside marked spaces, in driveways and entrances or exits of parking lot, and parking so as to block other cars is prohibited.

Once students arrive at school they must park and leave their vehicles. Returning to parked vehicles, except with permission of an administrator, may not be done until the time for the student to leave school. No loitering or congregating in the parking lot is permitted during school hours. Infractions can result in the loss of parking privileges, exemption status, and/or disciplinary action.

Back of the School

Student drop-off occurs in the back of the school on the road between the Annex and the Art Building. Enter from Old Pendegrass Road (last right before the railroad tracks). The left lane is for through traffic and student parking only; all drop-off occurs in the right lane. All people exiting the car should exit on their right-hand side. Exiting the vehicle on the left-hand side will put the student into a moving lane of traffic.

The drop-off zone begins after the ROTC building parking lot and extends to the crosswalk between the Art Building and the Annex. Once you enter the drop-off zone, pull as far forward as you can before traffic stops you. Once you stop, have your student exit the vehicle on the right-hand side and use the sidewalks to travel to his or her destination.

Students should never walk in the road. If they need to cross the drop-off road to reach the Art Building, they should walk to the front of the Annex and use the crosswalk between the Annex and the Art Building. Always use the sidewalk. Do not walk in the road.

Once the student exits the vehicle, you will continue on this road until you reach 129. If there are stopped cars in front of you after drop off, you may change lanes to the left lane to exit, but please exercise extreme caution when doing so to avoid accidents. Please drive slowly. There is a lot of foot traffic in this area in the mornings and safety should always be your first priority.

Front of the School

Students may also be dropped off in the senior parking lot in the front of Jefferson High School. To get to this parking lot, drive in front of the school on Washington Street and turn into the school by the Arena. There is a drop off zone in the middle parking lot. Turn into this parking lot and drop your child off there. After you have dropped your child off, drive slowly through the rest of the parking lot and exit the school on Old Pendergrass.

Students may be picked up in two locations. Students can be picked up in the afternoon in the senior parking lot in the front of Jefferson High School. To get to this parking lot, drive in front of the school on Washington Street and turn into the school by the Arena. There is a drop off zone in the middle parking lot. Turn into this parking lot and drop your child off there. After you have dropped your child off, drive slowly through the rest of the parking lot and exit the school on Old Pendergrass. Students can also be picked up in the back of the school by the Annex. However, the road behind the school will be closed for student pick up until all buses have arrived (approximately 3:45).

Jefferson Middle School Guidance Department

Anny Shields, Counselor


8th Grade Information

Please look here for current information concerning all of the 8th grade teams. Each team has an expandable panel that includes their calendar, faculty members and contact information.


Teacher Subject email
Lindsay Allen Math lallen@jeffcityschools.org
Christy Potts Language Arts cpotts@jeffcityschools.org
Jonathan Breedlove Science jbreedlove@jeffcityschools.org
Elaine Murphy Social Studies emurphy@jeffcityschools.org
Sabrina Webster Co-Teacher swebster@jeffcityschools.org


Teacher Subject email
Carla Fowler Math cfowler@jeffcityschools.org
Jennifer Bray Language Arts jbray@jeffcityschools.org
Jackie Thurmond Science jthurmond@jeffcityschools.org
Chris Corkery Social Studies ccorkery@jeffcityschools.org


Teacher Subject email
Suzanne McElreath Math smcelreath@jeffcityschools.org
Stephanie Darby Language Arts sdarby@jeffcityschools.org
Katie Sellers Science ksellers@jeffcityschools.org
Wayne McCarty Social Studies wmccarty@jeffcityschools.org

7th Grade Information

Please look here for current information concerning all of the 7th grade teams. Each team has an expandable panel that includes their calendar, faculty members and contact information.


Teacher Subject email
Dawn Kinlaw Math dkinlaw@jeffcityschools.org
Ashley Ware Language Arts aware@jeffcityschools.org
Dana Simmons Science dsimmons@jeffcityschools.org
Jeff Williams Social Studies jwilliams@jeffcityschools.org
Jon Hutto Co-Teacher jhutto@jeffcityschools.org


Teacher Subject email
Charlene McGinnis Math cmcginnis@jeffcityschools.org
Rebecca Summerour Language Arts rsummerour@jeffcityschools.org
Jennifer McAuley Science jmcauley@jeffcityschools.org
Rusty Newman Social Studies rnewman@jeffcityschools.org
Nick Niesielowski Co-Teacher nniesielowski@jeffcityschools.org


Teacher Subject email
Carol Ann Knight Math cknight@jeffcityschools.org
Bridgett McCullough Language Arts bmccullough@jeffcityschools.org
Dave Cuddy Science dcuddy@jeffcityschools.org
Caroline Adams Social Studies cadams@jeffcityschools.org

6th Grade Information

Please look here for current information concerning all of the 6th grade teams. Each team has an expandable panel that includes their calendar, faculty members and contact information.


Teacher Subject email
Emily Westphal Math ewestphal@jeffcityschools.org
Amy Wells Language Arts awells@jeffcityschools.org
Melissa Radaker Science mradaker@jeffcityschools.org
Janie Sirmans Social Studies jsirmans@jeffcityschools.org
Tracy Pratt Co-teacher tpratt@jeffcityschools.org


Teacher Subject email
Penny Cain Math pcain@jeffcityschools.org
Terry Wood Language Arts twood@jeffcityschools.org
Janill Stephenson Science jstephenson@jeffcityschools.org
Kimberly Boswell Social Studies kboswell@jeffcityschools.org
Gena Tyler Co-teacher gtyler@jeffcityschools.org


Teacher Subject email
Leania Bulloch Math lbulloch@jeffcityschools.org
Alice Trammell Language Arts atrammell@jeffcityschools.org
Heather Blackwell Science hblackwell@jeffcityschools.org
Justin Meyer Social Studies jmeyer@jeffcityschools.org

Reading Lists and Projects

This section serves as a repository for classwork and project-related information.

Registration and Scheduling

If you are interested in registering your child for Jefferson City Schools (including new student registration), please click HERE.

What is Advanced Placement (AP)?

AP courses are rigorous, college-level classes in a variety of subjects that give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize.

Why take AP courses rather than Dual Enrollment?

When a student passes an AP course, JHS will add 10 points to your final semester average.

AP courses and HOPE GPA

Although JHS will add 10 points to your final semester average for an AP class, the Georgia Student Finance Commission(GSFC) will remove these 10 points during HOPE calculations. However, the GSFC will add 0.5 quality points to your grade for a maximum of a 4.0. If a student earned an 83 for a final grade (before adjustment) in an AP course, their grade would be a 93. However, the GSFC would count the grade as a 3.0 (B equivalent on a 4.0 scale) and then add .5 for a total of 3.5 for HOPE calculations.

AP Exams

AP Exam grades of 5 are equivalent to an 'A' grade in the corresponding college course. AP Exam grades of 4 are equivalent to the grades of A- through B. in college. Grades of 3 are equivalent to grades of B- through C in College. THE EXAM IS GIVEN IN MAY OF EACH YEAR. IF YOUR STUDENT TAKES THE COURSE IN THE FALL TERM OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, REVIEW SESSIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE AFTERNOONS IN THE SPRING. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PAY $40 FOR EACH EXAM, WHICH IS REIMBURSED IF THE STUDENT SCORES A 5.

Department: Information Technology

Department: AFJROTC
Department: Agriculture
Department: Business Education
Department: English Language Arts
Department: Fine Arts
Department: Health Occupations
Department: Information Technology
Department: Physical Education
Department: Mathematics
Department: Science
Department: Social Studies
Department: Work-Based Learning
Department: World Language

Forms and Documents

This is an alphabetical listing of forms and documents.

Required Courses to Graduate

To satisfy the course requirement to graduate from Jefferson High School, students must obtain 28 units of credit and complete a pathway. One unit is earned for each course passed.

Core Classes

Students must earn a minimum of 4 units of credit from each of the core areas (Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts) to be eligible to graduate.

Elective Classes

Students must earn a minimum of 12 elective units to be eligible to graduate. One of these elective units must be Health. The Health requirement can also be met by a student earning 3 units in AFJROTC courses.

Pathway Requirement

Students are encouraged to complete a pathway during their time at Jefferson City High School. There are several pathway options available to Jefferson students.


To complete a CTAE pathway, students will take a series of 3 specified courses, in a CTAE approved pathway. As an example, we will look at the Web Development pathway. Students would have to take and pass 1. Introduction to Digital Technology, 2. Principles of Computer Science and 3. Web Development to complete the Web Development pathway.

Advanced Academic Pathway

To complete an advanced academic pathway, students are required to earn 4 units from 1 of the following concentrations: Math, Science, Social Studies or English Language Arts. Students must also earn an advanced placement unit or one post secondary unit in the same concentration. In addition, students must earn two units from the same world language.

World Languages

To complete a World Languages pathway, students must earn 3 units in the same foreign language.

Fine Arts

To complete the Fine Arts pathway, students must earn 3 units from the same fine arts area (Music, Theater Arts or Visual Arts).

Financial Aid and Scholarships

This section serves as a directory for students and parents to find and apply for scholarships, financial aid, and other benefits.


Thousands of scholarships are offered every year to students willing to apply. Scholarships are generally granted based on an application meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Zell Miller and HOPE Scholarships

The HOPE Scholarship program is for students that are seeking a college degree and plan on attending college in Georgia. A 3.0 GPA in academic courses (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Foreign Language) is required. A part of your college tuition will be covered. This amount will vary depending on projected lottery revenues and expenditures.

Hope GPA

The Zell Miller Scholarship program is for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and that are seeking a college degree in Georgia. To become eligible a student must graduate with a 3.7 in academic courses and a minimum score of 1200 on the SAT(Critical Reading and Math, one sitting) or 26 on the ACT in one sitting.

Sources of Financial Aid

The federal government is the largest source of financial aid. Awards are based on financial need. Students fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid each year. Visit www.fafsa.gov for additional information.

Colleges and universities offer a wide variety of aid and scholarships to students. These awards are both merit-based and need-based. Students might need to complete an additional application for scholarships or it may be offered as part of the admissions process. Contact your school of interest for additional information.

Churches, companies, and other organizations offer a variety of scholarships for students. Each organization has a specific set of qualification requirements. For additional information contact your local organizations or visit scholarships search websites.

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