Counseling and Registration Department

Jefferson High School Guidance Department

Jefferson High School has two guidance counselors and a distance learning coordinator who asssit students with academic advisement, scheduling, graduation requirements, Move on When Ready/ duel enrollment, college preparation, credit recovery, and counseling for various issues. Counselors are assigned by grade level in efforts to provide students with individual attention as needed. 9th and 11th grade students are assisted by Jamie Partain; 10th and 12th grade sutdents are helped by Dr. Brandy Corbett.

Carla Coleman
Guidance Secretary
Dr. Brandy Corbett
10th & 12th Grade Counselor
Anita Hayes
Distance Learning Coordinator
Jamie Partain
9th and 11th Grade Counselor
Amber Sparks
Guidance Information Drop-In Sessions

Discussion of various topics such as HOPE scholarship, college applications,, MOWR, FAFSA, financial aid, WBL, SAT vs ACT, GPA, and class rank. No appointment needed, and parents are welcome to attend.

  • Beginning November 7, on Mondays during lunch (11:55-12:20, 12:40-1:05, 1:25-1:50)
  • Seminar room in the Arena
Planning for College Information Sessions

We will discuss HOPE, FAFSA, MOWR, college, and scholarship applications

  • Monday, November 14 at 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • JHS Performing Arts Center

Occasionally, universities and branches of the military visit Jefferson High School with information about their campuses, coursework, and standards. Their representatives set up in the cafeteria during all three lunch periods unless otherwise noted. Please note the dates, times, and institutions that are currently scheduled to visit.

Every Tuesday - Representatives from the United States Army will be set up in the cafeteria with information.

Disclaimer: Jefferson City Schools and Jefferson High School has not authorized nor are they affiliated with any website, company or organization that claims to reproduce or create a Jefferson High School diploma. Any diploma reproduction website, company or organization is not associated with Jefferson City Schools or Jefferson High School. To receive a Jefferson High School diploma you must complete all graduation requirements as determined by the State of Georgia Board of Education and the Jefferson City School District.


This section will describe policies and procedures relating to parking, student drop-off, student pick-up and bus travel.

Students are not allowed to park in the faculty parking lot or area during school hours.

Parking on campus is a privilege. Therefore, certain rules and regulations are expected of the student to maintain this privilege. At Jefferson High School, a student must be in good academic, attendance, and disciplinary standing to purchase and keep a parking permit. At any time a student begins to exhibit inappropriate grades, attendance, and / or behavior, they will forfeit their parking privilege for a specified period of time up to the remainder of the school year. In order to apply and purchase a parking permit, a student can have no major disciplinary referrals (Level 3 or 4) and must be clear of all fees, fines, and obligations.

Parking must be in marked spaces only. Parking hang tags must be displayed in vehicle at all times. Parking hang tags can be purchased for $40 ($20 if purchased after spring break) and are valid through the current school year.

Parking Application

Do not park in driveways, in entrances, exits, or on the grass. Parking outside marked spaces, in driveways and entrances or exits of parking lot, and parking so as to block other cars is prohibited.

Once students arrive at school they must park and leave their vehicles. Returning to parked vehicles, except with permission of an administrator, may not be done until the time for the student to leave school. No loitering or congregating in the parking lot is permitted during school hours. Infractions can result in the loss of parking privileges, exemption status, and/or disciplinary action.

Student drop-off occurs in the back of the school on the road between the Annex and the Art Building. Enter from Old Pendegrass Road (last right before the railroad tracks). The left lane is for through traffic and student parking only; all drop-off occurs in the right lane. All people exiting the car should exit on their right-hand side. Exiting the vehicle on the left-hand side will put the student into a moving lane of traffic.

The drop-off zone begins after the ROTC building parking lot and extends to the crosswalk between the Art Building and the Annex. Once you enter the drop-off zone, pull as far forward as you can before traffic stops you. Once you stop, have your student exit the vehicle on the right-hand side and use the sidewalks to travel to his or her destination.

Students should never walk in the road. If they need to cross the drop-off road to reach the Art Building, they should walk to the front of the Annex and use the crosswalk between the Annex and the Art Building. Always use the sidewalk. Do not walk in the road.

Once the student exits the vehicle, you will continue on this road until you reach 129. If there are stopped cars in front of you after drop off, you may change lanes to the left lane to exit, but please exercise extreme caution when doing so to avoid accidents. Please drive slowly. There is a lot of foot traffic in this area in the mornings and safety should always be your first priority.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

This section serves as a directory for students and parents to find and apply for scholarships, financial aid, and other benefits.


Thousands of scholarships are offered every year to students willing to apply. Scholarships are generally granted based on an application meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Zell Miller and HOPE Scholarships

The HOPE Scholarship program is for students that are seeking a college degree and plan on attending college in Georgia. A 3.0 GPA in academic courses(Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Foreign Language) is required. A part of your college tuition will be covered. This amount will vary depending on projected lottery revenues and expenditures.

The Zell Miller Scholarship program is for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and that are seeking a college degree in Georgia. To become eligible a student must graduate with a 3.7 in academic courses and a minimum score of 1200 on the SAT(Critical Reading and Math, one sitting) or 26 on the ACT in one sitting.

Sources of Financial Aid

The federal government is the largest source of financial aid. Awards are based on financial need. Students fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid each year. Visit for additional information.

Colleges and universities offer a wide variety of aid and scholarships to students. These awards are both merit-based and need-based. Students might need to complete an additional application for scholarships or it may be offered as part of the admissions process. Contact your school of interest for additional information.

Churches, companies, and other organizations offer a variety of scholarships for students. Each organization has a specific set of qualification requirements. For additional information contact your local organizations or visit scholarships search websites.