Welcome to the Dragon Sports Network

The Dragon Sports Network is excited to bring you another season of Dragon Sports.  We will be offering live broadcasts of many Dragon events this year.  We will also be offering DVDs for sale of all of our broadcasts (check back here soon).  As many of you know, this has been a student centered activity for the last four seasons.  The network has been successful in a large part from support from volunteers (like our great broadcasters Tim Hildebrand and Harry Cooper) and the booster club.  After receiving an equipment grant at the end of last year, we will now have the ability to bring an even better broadcast to you this season. Home football games will be offered exclusively for booster club annual pass holders.  Annual pass holders will have free access to away games, but we will also offer away games as a pay-per-view option for people who are not members.  As part of the grant we received, we will now be using ESEnetworks as our distribution platform.  Please disregard any information coming from NFHS as we have no control over them sending you spam emails. This platform will offer greater flexibility and will save the booster club thousands of dollars in annual fees.   All proceeds from the network will be used to fund the new Audio/Visual and Film program at JHS.

How to Watch the Dragons Online

Membership has its Privileges

The easiest way to make sure you do not miss any Dragon Football this Fall is to join the booster club. For each season pass you receive, you will get free access to all of our broadcasts. This membership will allow you to watch the broadcast for home games which is an exclusive annual pass holder benefit this year. You should have already received an email with instructions informing you about how to watch your free broadcast. If not, please email wwheeler@jeffcityschools.org


All away football games will be offered via pay-per-view for a cost of seven dollars. If you are an annual pass holder, you will be able to watch the away game broadcast for free. If you are not an annual pass holder, you will be able to purchase access for one game for $7.00.

You will need to create an account and log in to purchase and view pay-per-view events.

Upcoming Broadcasts

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Jefferson Dragons at Ridgeland
November, 17th 2017

Broadcast begins at 7:20

Our Team

Wayne Wheeler


Tate Bennett

Camera Operator

Bradley Bohannon

Camera Operator

Ashley Brehm

Board Operator

Alex Fox

Camera Operator

Lindsey Kelley


Lizzy Creek

Logistical Support

Austin Bell