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Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

Give the gift of reading by donating used books for any age! Sponsored by the Jefferson High School Future Business Leaders of America.

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The Advanced Drama class will open 'The Phantom Tollbooth' Thursday Night

Come out and support Drama on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 15-17th at 7pm and 2pm on Saturday at the PAC.

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Jefferson City Schools ranks highest district CCRPI single score

Jefferson City Schools has the highest district CCRPI single score in Northeast Georgia and 2nd highest in the State according to the @georgiadeptofed (out of 180 districts)!

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Mandy Meyer, Jefferson Academy Teacher of the Year

Jefferson Academy teacher, Mandy Meyer has been selected for the teacher of the year award.

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The 40 Book Challenge

We mustache you a question... What book are you reading... was the pun and the question the kids were asked as a way to start the 40 Book Challenge.

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JA Calendar

Jefferson City Schools Pupil Transportation Department

85 Horace Jackson Road / Jefferson, Georgia 30549
Office Phone: 706-367-1787 / Fax: 706-367-1815
email: bustransportation@jeffcityschools.org
Instructional Services
Linda G. Miller

Transportation Secretary
pictured left

Mark Weaver

Transportation Director, Supervisor
pictured center

Walter E. Temple

Transportation Shop
pictured right

2018-2019 Bus Routes
School Bus Safety Tips:
  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to pick-up time.
  • Stay out of the School Bus “Danger Zone” 12 feet around the bus.
  • Don’t push and shove.
  • Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the street or approaching the bus.
  • The Bus “HORN” means “DANGER!!” Seek safety.
  • Always cross the street in front of the bus. NEVER cross the street behind the bus.
  • Never crawl under a school bus. If you drop something, LEAVE IT! Things can be replaced a LIFE cannot.
  • The bus driver and monitor are authorized to take the following actions regarding inappropriate bus behavior:
    1. Talk to student about proper bus behavior.
    2. Assign seats when necessary.
    3. Report conduct problems via Student Conduct Report.
    4. Ask Parent to step away from the door.
      It is unlawful for a parent to get on a school bus. Ga Code 20-2-1181 Disrupting School /Ga Code 20-2-1182 Abuse of School Employees

Welcome to Jefferson City Schools District Pupil Transportation web page! Our mission: “To transport students to school safely ready to learn and home on schedule.”

Our Goal: “Keep 100% of the students safe 100% of the time!”

We need the cooperation of both parents and students to fulfill our mission and goals. The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Listed below are some of the conduct requirements expected of every student. Please read them carefully and discuss each of them with your student.

  1. No eating or drinking soft drinks on the school bus. Water okay.
  2. No loud noises, talking, laughing or “horse-play” that will distract the driver.
  3. Do not move from your seat while bus is in motion.
  4. No use of tobacco products, alcohol or drugs.
  5. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.
  6. Do not deface interior of the bus or bus seats.
  7. Sit facing the front of the bus; and keep feet out of the aisle.
  8. Objects other than those related to school are not allowed on the bus.
  9. Do not throw anything out of the bus windows.
  10. Music listening devices are okay as long as the student with the device has ear plugs and is the ONLY person that can hear the music. However, when loading the bus do not wear ear plugs because the student may become distracted and not follow driver instructions.

85 Horace Jackson Road
Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone 706-367-1787

Fax 706-367-1815

JA Cafeteria

JCS Director of Nutrition - Sue Hamm - shamm@jeffcityschools.org

Meal prices for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

Student breakfast at all schools- $1.40

Student lunch at JES- $2.05

Student lunch at JA, JMS, and JHS- $2.50

Reduced price breakfast at all schools- $0.30

Reduced price lunch at all schools- $0.40

Meals should be paid for in advance or paid daily. Checks and cash are accepted at each school or you may pay online with a credit card. If you would like to prepay your student’s meal account online, please visit Lunch PrePay. To register, you will need your child’s district student number. You can find this number by logging into the Parent Portal. Your student’s district ID is located next to their picture on the homepage. Once you have created an account on Lunch Prepay, you can make payments, view balances, view meal histories, and receive low balance notifications. There is a $1.95 transaction fee. However, you can make payments and apply it to multiple lunch accounts under one transaction.

Applications for free or reduced meals are accepted all year long. A new application needs to be filled out each school year. Only one application needs to be filled out for each family. You can mail these forms into central office or have your student turn them into the cafeteria staff at their school.

English Free and Reduced Lunch Form Spanish Free and Reduced Lunch Form

Jefferson City Nutritional Services

Jefferson City Schools Food Service Department is committed to providing each student with a healthy, affordable, and safe meal that is served by caring individuals so students are ready to learn when they get to the classroom. School breakfast and lunch are planned and prepared according to standards that meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans in a safe and sanitary environment. The cafeterias serve as learning centers where students can acquire the knowledge to develop lifelong healthy eating habits

USDA’s federal nutrition regulations for school meals ensure that all meals offered are well-balanced and provide students the fuel they need. Recent changes to the meal pattern regulations include an increase in fruits and vegetables (each student must select at least one serving), a greater variety of vegetables to include dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes, an increase in the availability of whole grain products, and a more age-appropriate caloric limit. Please visit each schools website to see the lunch menu.

Jefferson City Schools recognizes that student wellness and proper nutrition are related to students' well-being, growth, development, and readiness to learn. Please click on the link below to access the districts wellness policy. If you have any comments, suggestions, or a desire to be involved in the implementation of this policy, please contact Sue Hamm at 706-367-2546.

We look forward to dining with your children in our cafeterias.

Arrival and Dismissal

The school day at Jefferson Academy begins at 7:25 a.m. and ends at 2:40 p.m.

School personnel will be available to supervise car riders in the gym (front entrance) and music room (5th grade car rider entrance) no earlier than 7:00 a.m. each morning. Students arriving PRIOR to 7:10 a.m. must report to the gym or music room. Students arriving between 7:10 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. can be dropped off at the front entrance OR at the side 5th grade entrance to report directly to their classroom. The side doors will not be utilized for student arrival until 7:10 a.m. All parents should remain in line during morning drop-off. The middle parking lot in both arrival/dismissal areas are reserved for teacher parking and individuals that are parking for scheduled appointments in the building. Please do not park your car and walk your child in the building.

Breakfast will be served daily between 7:00 a.m. and 7:20 a.m.

Dismissal Procedures

Procedures for afternoon dismissal are as follows:

  • 5th grade students, 5th grade students and siblings in 3rd or 4th grade, or 5th grade students and students carpooling with 5th graders are dismissed from the side entrance on Dragon Drive.
  • 3rd and 4th grade students (that do not have a 5th grade sibling or who are not carpooling with a 5th grade student) will be dismissed from the front entrance on Dragon Drive.

The traffic pattern for afternoon pick-up will be restricted to these designated areas. The back entrance is reserved for buses only.

We ask that ALL parents / guardians remain in line for afternoon pick-up. Please do not park and enter the building to pick your child up from school. These requests are for safety reasons. Parents who remain in the car pick-up line help us to allow for uninterrupted traffic flow.

ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL 11 Note: All Jefferson Academy students must be picked up promptly at the end of each day unless they are enrolled in the afternoon PLUS Program. Two pick up cards for vehicles will be provided to each family. Please clip the pick-up card to the passenger visor or window. If the card is attached to the visor, keep the visor down until your child is loaded each day. For the sake of efficiency, personnel in charge will focus on the card rather than the car or the driver. In the event that you forget your card, the parent/guardian will be expected to park in the parking lot and report to the front office to check out the child. If you have misplaced your pick-up card, please request a replacement card at the time of check-out. We strive very hard to be consistent with all practices and procedures. Your spirit of cooperation will enable us to maximize our level of efficiency. If your child(ren) are still on campus at 3:00, we will send your child(ren) to our afternoon PLUS program. Fees will be charged for PLUS participation.
Students may be picked up in two locations. Students can be picked up in the afternoon in the senior parking lot in the front of Jefferson High School. To get to this parking lot, drive in front of the school on Washington Street and turn into the school by the Arena. There is a drop off zone in the middle parking lot. Turn into this parking lot and drop your child off there. After you have dropped your child off, drive slowly through the rest of the parking lot and exit the school on Old Pendergrass. Students can also be picked up in the back of the school by the Annex. However, the road behind the school will be closed for student pick up until all buses have arrived (approximately 3:45).

September 5, 2017

Thank you to those who completed the school counseling needs-assessment! Your responses were so helpful as I planned our counseling program for the 2017-2018 school year. I look forward to seeing your student each month for classroom guidance.

"Perseverance" is our Character Ed term of the month for September. As parents and guardians, teaching our children to have a "growth mindset" is an excellent way to encourage perseverance. Based on the research of Carol Dweck, of Stanford University, "growth mindset" is about teaching ourselves and our children that we are always growing and that our talents can be developed through hard work--we have never fully arrived! So, for things that come easily, we seek to set new goals for improvement. For things that are challenging, we remind ourselves that we may not be able to do something YET, but we will take steps to grow and improve. Your kids will be learning about goal-setting and problem-solving in classroom guidance this month. At home, we can also encourage our children to persevere. Here are some self-talk strategies that can help
Rather than telling myself:                      I can say this to myself:
"I'm not good at this."                               "What am I missing?"
"I give up."                                                "I'll use a different strategy."
"It's good enough."                                   "Is this my best work?"
"I can't make this better."                          "I can always improve."

As parents, rather than saying "You're so smart!" we can say things like, "That was tough, but you didn't give up!," "I can tell that you really like working on that," "It's okay that you made a mistake. That's part of learning how to do it the next time," "I can tell that you have worked on understanding ____________!"

Happy growing!
Abbie Vipperman
School Counselor

Jefferson Academy Counselor Corner

JHS Admin

Abbie Vipperman, Counselor


Mrs. Vipperman is serving as the school counselor at Jefferson Academy.  Over the course of her career in education, Mrs. Vipperman has worked as a school counselor in elementary and middle grades and as a high school English teacher. Mrs. Vipperman earned her Bachelor of Science in Secondary English Education from Appalachian State University in 1999, where she was honored to be a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. She then received her Masters of Science and Educational Specialist degrees in Community Counseling and a Post-Master’s Certificate in School Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Mrs. Vipperman is married to Nick Vipperman, and they have three children in Jefferson City schools. If you have any questions or concerns about your children or the counseling program, please feel free to contact Mrs. Vipperman at 706.367.8242 (Jefferson Elementary School) or 706-367-2300 (Jefferson Academy) or at avipperman@jeffcityschools.org.

I am thrilled to be working in just one school this year! As I make plans for ways to further build our counseling program, I value parent input tremendously. Please take a few minutes to complete the brief Needs Assessment that you'll find here: 

Registration and Scheduling

If you are interested in registering your child for Jefferson City Schools (including new student registration), please click HERE.

What is Advanced Placement (AP)?

AP courses are rigorous, college-level classes in a variety of subjects that give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize.

Why take AP courses rather than Dual Enrollment?

When a student passes an AP course, JHS will add 10 points to your final semester average.

AP courses and HOPE GPA

Although JHS will add 10 points to your final semester average for an AP class, the Georgia Student Finance Commission(GSFC) will remove these 10 points during HOPE calculations. However, the GSFC will add 0.5 quality points to your grade for a maximum of a 4.0. If a student earned an 83 for a final grade (before adjustment) in an AP course, their grade would be a 93. However, the GSFC would count the grade as a 3.0 (B equivalent on a 4.0 scale) and then add .5 for a total of 3.5 for HOPE calculations.

AP Exams

AP Exam grades of 5 are equivalent to an 'A' grade in the corresponding college course. AP Exam grades of 4 are equivalent to the grades of A- through B. in college. Grades of 3 are equivalent to grades of B- through C in College. THE EXAM IS GIVEN IN MAY OF EACH YEAR. IF YOUR STUDENT TAKES THE COURSE IN THE FALL TERM OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, REVIEW SESSIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE AFTERNOONS IN THE SPRING. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PAY $40 FOR EACH EXAM, WHICH IS REIMBURSED IF THE STUDENT SCORES A 5.

Department: Information Technology

Department: AFJROTC
Department: Agriculture
Department: Business Education
Department: English Language Arts
Department: Fine Arts
Department: Health Occupations
Department: Information Technology
Department: Physical Education
Department: Mathematics
Department: Science
Department: Social Studies
Department: Work-Based Learning
Department: World Language

Forms and Documents

This is an alphabetical listing of forms and documents.

Required Courses to Graduate

To satisfy the course requirement to graduate from Jefferson High School, students must obtain 28 units of credit and complete a pathway. One unit is earned for each course passed.

Core Classes

Students must earn a minimum of 4 units of credit from each of the core areas (Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts) to be eligible to graduate.

Elective Classes

Students must earn a minimum of 12 elective units to be eligible to graduate. One of these elective units must be Health. The Health requirement can also be met by a student earning 3 units in AFJROTC courses.

Pathway Requirement

Students are encouraged to complete a pathway during their time at Jefferson City High School. There are several pathway options available to Jefferson students.


To complete a CTAE pathway, students will take a series of 3 specified courses, in a CTAE approved pathway. As an example, we will look at the Web Development pathway. Students would have to take and pass 1. Introduction to Digital Technology, 2. Principles of Computer Science and 3. Web Development to complete the Web Development pathway.

Advanced Academic Pathway

To complete an advanced academic pathway, students are required to earn 4 units from 1 of the following concentrations: Math, Science, Social Studies or English Language Arts. Students must also earn an advanced placement unit or one post secondary unit in the same concentration. In addition, students must earn two units from the same world language.

World Languages

To complete a World Languages pathway, students must earn 3 units in the same foreign language.

Fine Arts

To complete the Fine Arts pathway, students must earn 3 units from the same fine arts area (Music, Theater Arts or Visual Arts).

Financial Aid and Scholarships

This section serves as a directory for students and parents to find and apply for scholarships, financial aid, and other benefits.


Thousands of scholarships are offered every year to students willing to apply. Scholarships are generally granted based on an application meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Zell Miller and HOPE Scholarships

The HOPE Scholarship program is for students that are seeking a college degree and plan on attending college in Georgia. A 3.0 GPA in academic courses (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Foreign Language) is required. A part of your college tuition will be covered. This amount will vary depending on projected lottery revenues and expenditures.

Hope GPA

The Zell Miller Scholarship program is for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and that are seeking a college degree in Georgia. To become eligible a student must graduate with a 3.7 in academic courses and a minimum score of 1200 on the SAT(Critical Reading and Math, one sitting) or 26 on the ACT in one sitting.

Sources of Financial Aid

The federal government is the largest source of financial aid. Awards are based on financial need. Students fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid each year. Visit www.fafsa.gov for additional information.

Colleges and universities offer a wide variety of aid and scholarships to students. These awards are both merit-based and need-based. Students might need to complete an additional application for scholarships or it may be offered as part of the admissions process. Contact your school of interest for additional information.

Churches, companies, and other organizations offer a variety of scholarships for students. Each organization has a specific set of qualification requirements. For additional information contact your local organizations or visit scholarships search websites.

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