International Dinner and Trivia Night

On Thursday, November 10, Spanish Club and French Club had an international dinner and trivia night. The event started after-school at 6 and ended at 8. Food was served at 6:10 and trivia begun at 6:30. While many students from the language clubs attended, any student was welcome to come and participate. The food provided was all cooked by the students. Many students were in groups of three and had chosen a country to cook from. For example, a group of three students chose to do China and brought in orange chicken, milk tea, and rice. Another group chose Greece and brought in Greek yogurt and Greek omelettes. Students were not limited to food; they were allowed to bring desserts or drinks.

The trivia consisted of questions relating to Disney, sports, movies, current events, history, and things relating to countries, like what country has the capital city of La Paz? After three rounds of questions, the winners were decided. First place received an Amazon gift card, second place received an iTunes gift card, and third place received a Little Caesars gift card. The initial winners of trivia were Mr. and Mrs. Guzman, under the country name Guzmania with over a hundred points. However, they decided to give their prize to the students.

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