Jefferson moves up in region classification for 2020-22

The committee approved 14 high school appeals to play in a lower classification than originally placed; Five schools were denied requests to move from a Class A enrollment to Class 2A; Two schools won an appeal that will prevent them from moving up to the highest classification; and four schools were denied their appeals to lower original classification. The GHSA Reclassification Committee will meet again Tuesday, Nov. 19, to listen to requests to change regions within the same class and to hear appeals of the schools who were denied their requests to move up in class. Despite a new reclassification policy that applies to out-of-district students, Jefferson was not among those schools who appealed their classification. The policy acts as a 2.0 multiplier and counts each out-of-district student twice in order to bump schools believed to have a competitive advantage into a higher class. “Based on the growth in our area in the last four years, we expected to move up in classification with enrollment alone,” Tom Parker, the director of middle and secondary instruction and athletic coach for Jefferson City Schools, said. Jefferson, who was classified Region 8, Class 3A for the 2018-19 season, is now in Region 8, Class 4A alongside Cedar Shoals, Chestatee, East Hall, Flowery Branch, Madison Co. and North Oconee high schools.

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