Spanish Club is Starting

If you are a language and culture enthusiast, there is a club that you should definitely know about. Spanish Club is starting soon. On August 21, at 7:45 am, the Spanish Club participants will meet for the first time. The location of the meeting is Ms. Guzman’s room, 316 in the Annex. It is mandatory to attend this meeting if you wish to participate in the club. Dues are paid online and cost only ten dollars. There are a few requirements to join the club. You must have taken Spanish, are taking Spanish now, or be familiar with the Spanish language. A nice perk of this club is that a free well-designed T-shirt is given to all club participants. The Spanish Club has many events. This exciting club has an International Trivia and Dinner with the French Club which involves very good food from many different countries. Movie night is another entertaining activity of the Spanish Club. At this event, students gather together to watch Latin American movies, which is great exposure to Latin American culture.  Dancing is also part of Spanish Club activities! Students in the club learn to do Latin American style dances. This club even offers game night, with a Latin American theme. This year, in the spring, the Spanish Club participants will be able to travel on an exciting trip to a Latin American dance show and restaurant. If these things sound like fun to you, be sure to check out the Spanish Club. You won’t regret it.

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