Robotics Team 4189 Week 1 Competition

On March 1st - 3rd, Robotics team 4189 or The Chargers competed in their first competition of the season at Riverside Military Academy. Having lost most of their team last year due since most were seniors. This caused the team to find a new primary and secondary driver, along with having to find a new coach for the drive team. Having never been on the drive team, Reece Alford (primary driver), Bryan Ponce (secondary driver), and Conner Avrett (drive coach) brought the team to 23rd in the qualification matches. The team was then selected to be on the 6th placed team's alliance (group for finals). The team competed in the quarter-finals, after the first match they alliance one, however team 4189's set of air canisters was broken off of the robot. This resulted in the other team getting disqualified from the match making team 4189's alliance win. After the team made repairs to the robot and reattaching the air canister array the alliance went back on the field. When the second match ended the other team won 65 to 45. However, this did not bring the team down in spirits. When the tie breaker to figure out who would move on occurred team 4189 lost 70 - 53. However, team 4189 was not mad this was because for having a first year drive team the team had placed 23rd over all and had made it to quarter-finals. The team was ecstatic about  having gone so far for just a first year drive team. Team 4189 will now go onto their second competition March 29th to 31st. We hope the team does just as well if not better than they did at this competition, and that they will go onto state to compete against the top 40 teams in Georgia.

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