Jefferson High School Winterguard Competition

            The competition is the first of four that are anticipated for the season, all of which are leading up to the Southern Association for Performing Arts (SAPA) Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The performance will include dance, flag, and rifle portions. The members of Winterguard have spent months preparing for the competitions and are eager to perform and compete.

The theme of the performance is a Masquerade Ball. Members will have the opportunity to design their own masquerade mask to wear during competitions. Having a themed routine adds to the overall performance and execution of the choreography.

There will be six judges assessing the winterguard at this competition. They will favor teams with organized equipment, movement, timing, design, and coordination. They will also be judging based on the overall effect and performance each team exhibits. Each team competing will be held to these standards and judged accordingly.

Winterguard competitions differ from the competitions held during the marching band season because the winterguard performs to prerecorded music, and colorguard performs with live music from the marching band. Many members from the Colorguard season also participate in Winterguard because of their commitment to the sport.

Students and faculty should attend the competition to support the winterguard. It is an exciting experience not only for the team members, but for the audience as well. The team has practiced for months to prepare for the upcoming competitions. Following the first competition on February 9th, there will be competitions on February 23, March 2nd, and the Championships on March 30-31. Good luck to all members competing.

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