Cast of Mamma Mia! The Musical

Congratulations to students who were selected as lead roles. Reagan Duke and Ariana Long will be portraying the lead roles, Sophie and Donna (Sophie’s mother). Other key roles include:

  • Emily Bagwell - Ali

  • Olivia Harris - Lisa

  • Hannah Sirmans - Tonya

  • Mary Morgan Collier - Rosie

  • Jake Smith - Sky

  • Jordan Payne - Pepper

  • Payton Mitchell - Eddie

  • Josh Earon - Harry Bright

  • Evan Orr - Bill Austin

  • Tate Bennett - Sam Carmichael

  • Thomas Weathers - Father Alexandrios

Each lead role is accompanied by an understudy for the role. The understudies will perform in the shows if the student portraying their character is unable to attend a performance. Congratulations to all students portraying understudies:

  • Rebecca Johnson - Sophie Understudy

  • Lucy Barnett - Ali Understudy

  • Emaline Newbury - Lisa Understudy

  • Amber Dolin - Donna Understudy

  • Callie Wade - Tanya Understudy

  • Tori Pendley - Rosie Understudy

  • Jacob Harkness - Sky Understudy

  • Thomas Weathers - Pepper Understudy

  • Brantley Hollfield - Eddie Understudy

  • Alex Albea - Harry Bright and Bill Austin Understudy

  • Jacob Harkness - Sam Carmichael Understudy

Students who were chosen to be a part of the ensemble act as a large group of actors who have roughly equal amounts of stage time and importance. They help enhance scenes and develop settings and plots. The ensemble of Mamma Mia! Will be dancing, singing, and acting. Congratulations to students selected:

  • Ella Adkins

  • Devin Barton

  • Harley Blackburn

  • Ella Blakely

  • Grace Brattain

  • Luke Burnett

  • Sydney Carter

  • Ashley Clinton

  • Evelyn Dolezal

  • Lauren Eager

  • Emily Fancher

  • Andrew Gehring

  • Claire Gillick

  • Josh Hart

  • Faith Hollis

  • Olivia Loggins

  • Kathryn Mays

  • Kiley Porter

  • Lydia Nunnelley

  • Emily Puckett

  • Grayson Riggott

  • Gage Swilling

  • Samantha Wagner

  • Zoe Wells

  • Charlie Williamson

  • Erin Wilson

  • Annabelle Zekeri

Many students who were selected to perform with the ensemble will be featured dancers in the musical. Congratulations to these students who showed excellent performance and dance skills:

  • Ella Adkins

  • Sydney Carter

  • Ashley Clinton

  • Evelyn Dolezal

  • Claire Gillick

  • Olivia Loggins

  • KIley Porter

  • Annabelle Zekeri

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