JHS FBLA Region Leadership Conference

We are VERY proud of our 15 Top 10 finishers and all of the hard work they’ve put in!

1st place Raegan Johnson Sales Presentation

1st place Kiley Love, Public Speaking

2nd place James Smith, Job Interview

2nd place Kaylee Benton, Katie Ronci, and Sadie Wilson, Broadcast Journalism

2nd place Clay Hester and James Smith, Management Decision Making

3rd place Madyson Hailey and Shianne Moon, Publication Design

3rd place Chance Calloway, Client Service

3rd place Princess Evans, Impromptu Speaking

4th place Deleah Walker, Intro to Business Presentation

6th place Joanna Griffeth, Help Desk

7th place Katie Ronci, Business Communications

8th place London Clark, Sports & Entertainment Management

9th place Sadie Wilson, Future Business Leader

9th place Nate Ferguson, Intro to Information Technology

10th place Kanye Calloway and Princess Evans, Entrepreneurship

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