2018 Robotics Season Re-cap

The Jackson County 4-H Robotics Team had an extremely successful 2018 season, and with the 2019 season coming up, let's re-cap the season as a whole.

The season started off with Team 4189's robot, OverThrow,  getting 1st place at their first district event, in Gainesville. They started the finals in the 4th seed and were able to easily win their quarterfinal and semifinal matches. They then went to the finals and won the best two out of three. This was the first time in the team's history that they took home the 1st place blue banner. 

After a fantastic start to the season, the team went to their next and final district event in Duluth. Their performance was sub-par at this competition, only placing 8th due to a lack of driver practice and a few flaws in the mechanism itself. However, the team did not let this poor performance bring down their morale. 

Team 4189's exceptional performance at their first district event led them to qualify for the state competition in Athens. After two days of extensive qualification matches, the team went on to the quarterfinals in the 7th seed spot. They barely scraped by in the quarterfinals and advanced to the semifinals. This set of three matches were the most intense by far. They won the first match and lost the second, forcing them into a tie-breaker. The match was extremely intense, but the team powered through and won the match, but in the process broke a major component of their robot. With their robot broken, they stepped down for the finals match and allowed the back up robot to compete. Sadly, the teams alliance failed to win the finals, therefore they placed 2nd.

After a heartbreaking finals run at the state competition, the team was placed 6th in the state. That meant they qualified for the FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas. This was their second consecutive year, to qualify for the championship. The opponents they faced at this competition, were the best of the best. With teams from all over the world competing there (teams from Turkey, China, Israel, Australia, and Japan), it was the experience of a lifetime. That being said, the team did perform poorly in their subdivision, and that's where their season came to an end.

Overall, the season was their most successful so far, making history and breaking records for the team in the process! They hope to have the same amount of success in the upcoming 2019 season.

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