Will Kellum-National FFA Finalist

    An exciting development, Will Kellum, a 2017 Jefferson High School graduate, has been named a National Finalist because of his Landscape Management proficiency and supervised agricultural experience.

   He is one of the four finalists in the competition, an accomplishment of itself, but he intends to try and claim the title of National Winner.

  Will and another Jefferson graduate started Mason and Kellum Lawn Services in 2014, and have since grown the company, as well as its loyal customer base greatly.

  Mason and Kellum Lawn Services has experienced over seven hundred percent growth in the number of customers since its inception, all thanks to the founder's persistence and knowledge in their field.

   His experience and success in business and agriculture will hopefully be enough to help him win this prestigious award.

   Because of his experience, Will Kellum is one of the four finalists for the award, and winning it would be an outstanding success for Will, and the Jefferson High School FFA program.

   In the upcoming 91st National FFA Convention Will will be subject to an interview to attempt to receive the award and become National Winner.

   It would be an amazing accomplishment to win Nationals but Will would have never been able to get this far if it were not for the support from Jefferson High School, the school board, and our amazing community.

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