Drama Parents Night Out

Drama Club is hosting a unique fundraiser this year called "Parents Night Out."   Parents’ Night Out is a service offered by the Jefferson High School Drama Club.
For $20 per child per night, we will care of kids ages 5-13 on the above-designated nights so you can actually go out and enjoy some time off! We will host the kids in Mr. Ingle’s classroom where we would have snacks, beverages and a meal, as well as show movies, play board games,
and of course enjoy some fun with a dramatic flair!

There will be assigned members from the Drama Club as well as 2 adults from the Booster Club.
Only students enrolled in a Jefferson City School may participate.

To reserve your spot, complete the registration form & submit with payment to:
Mr. Stephen Ingle, Jefferson High School.  You can sign up here
Online Form

More information can be found on the flyer
Flyer and Form

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