Fundraising for AFJROTC

AFJROTC is selling fresh apples of various types to raise money to support the AFJROTC program. AFJROTC is selling fuji, golden delicious, granny smith, and red delicious apples. Fuji apples have a sweet and tart taste.  Golden delicious and red delicious apples have a very sweet taste. Granny smith apples have a very tart taste and are known for being one of the best cooking apples. 

AFJROTC is selling apples in different quantities. They are selling apples in pecks, half bushels, and bushels.  A peck is around ten pounds, consists of 13 to 20 apples, and costs $13.00. A half bushel is about 20 pounds,  holds 30 to 43 apples, and costs $22.00.  A bushel is approximately 40 pounds, contains 75 to 100 apples, and bushel costs $36.00.  If you want to buy fresh apples, speak to a cadet or go to the AFJROTC building. If paying with a check, write the check out to AFJROTC. The apple sale ends on September 8, 2017. Order delivery will be September 13 - 14, 2017. Please support the AFJROTC program by buying apples!

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